8. Hire me because I am a work in progress.

Have you ever had the sensation of not being able to recall a word but have it at the tip of your tongue? So close you feel the word form in your mouth, ready to roll off your tongue? Just how far would you go to find that word? That’s what Design was to me. In the search for that sensation that only creative challenges can bring, I tried Business, Writing. I even gave Biology a chance once. I wasn’t looking for a vocation but a purpose.

My experiences, successes, and failures have taught me to explore my options until I am satisfied. To learn different ways of looking at the world and its problems. To never stop learning. To stop and listen because I don’t even know what I don’t know. To be humble enough to realize that the world is much larger than me or anything I can ever create. To lead with empathy because our lives are all so rich complex that they cannot be summarized from my perspective. But above all, to be confident in my self-worth as a designer and human being because I’ll never be ready, I am an ever-evolving, iterative design of my life experiences and the people in it.

I don’t tie myself to any particular design area because, ultimately, I think of Design as a framework that helps us solve problems and create products that people like or need. It can even help solve societal issues. I would derive joy from working on a physical product as much as a digital, architecture as much as print. Design is a mesh that envelops everything we do, and there is no greater fulfillment I can imagine than to contribute beautiful, meaningful experiences for people.

I guess the real question is, Why should I work here?




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Angel Mendieta Moreno

Angel Mendieta Moreno

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