Isn’t it funny how some people treat service industry employees? I mean, it’s not inherently funny, but it’s so bad that if you’ve worked in the service industry before, you’ll laugh at these instances…with time.

I’ve worked every job in the foodservice industry and come across different types of people. Pleasant and unpleasant.

The big baller who treats you like a pest. The kind of saying “Hi, it’s your pleasure to meet me.” The big baller who is really a cheapskate and will argue with you about prices, as if you made them up arbitrarily in your head. …

Have you ever had the sensation of not being able to recall a word but have it at the tip of your tongue? So close you feel the word form in your mouth, ready to roll off your tongue? Just how far would you go to find that word? That’s what Design was to me. In the search for that sensation that only creative challenges can bring, I tried Business, Writing. I even gave Biology a chance once. I wasn’t looking for a vocation but a purpose.

My experiences, successes, and failures have taught me to explore my options until…

I felt alone in a crowd of students around me. I didn’t know anyone, and to mend my loneliness, I put my headphones on and played a lively song to pass the time. Still, my loneliness matched with my excitement. I would be studying something that I had wanted to learn for a long time. I wanted to be a designer even before I knew what design was. I waited for my turn to show my schedule to get my ID. Of course, my picture was taken to make me look like a troll.

In retrospect, I probably looked like…

Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches were my favorite. As a child, I always discarded the crust. For some reason, the crust never stuck to the roof of my mouth the way the rest of the bread did. I worked my way to the center of the bread, where the creamy thickness of the peanut butter met the sticky sweetness of the artificial grape jelly. Sometimes I would go for seconds, not because I was hungry, but because I liked them too much to have self-control.

Sometimes I wonder who thought of putting peanut butter and mixing it with jelly. It…

In the seventh episode of the second season of Dark, a Netflix sci-fi show that explores fate, free will, and time travel, Adam, an older and scarred gentleman, has a monologue in which he claims that our actions are mainly driven by our desires. In his rough, German voice, Adam says, “[Humans] cannot free themselves from the eternal servitude to their feelings…Pain is their ship. Desire their compass, all that humans are capable of.” This portion stood out to me because I believe people like to think our decisions are our own but neglect to fully acknowledge what shapes them…

A moment frozen in time.


A moment never to be lived again.


Filled or void of meaning.


Why try to make the transient permanent?

We celebrate the ephemeral.

We don’t collect beauty.

We curate raw reality.

Come view impermanence.


In a hundred years, no one will know who I was.

Fuck. No one will even know I existed.

And barring finding the cure to cancer,

my greatest accomplishments will mean nothing.

Luckily for me, that means painful failures will follow suit.

In this, I’m not alone.
Your life is also meaningless.

I’m sorry that it’s true, but it makes life beautiful, too

Carl Sagan said something like: We’re a mote of dust suspended on a single sunbeam. …

Reset, an online clothing store that uses blockchain technology & a token economy, will deliver fast fashion with less waste.

Before I introduce Reset, I’d like to spend some time in the problem area, and what I believe are the main factors that drive fast fashion.

The fashion industry is responsible for an irresponsible amount of waste.

This problem has two dimensions to it.

1. The Production end

2. The Consumer end

Before the industrial revolution and globalization, people relied on local, manual labor for many goods. Since there is only so much any number of hands can produce, the waste produced was manageable. …

Angel Mendieta Moreno

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